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The Link4orce Solutions team, leveraging a vast array of experience from many diverse environments, is able to interpret your specific talent needs and translate them to an acquisition strategy that is tailored for your business.

Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who understand that our most important business is our clients. Our goal is to understand our client’s challenges and provide staffing solutions that offer them the very best value.

We recognize our clients have many partners to choose from, and we are appreciative for the opportunity to service their needs. We hope our gratitude is reflected by an excellent experience and our commitment to quality and honesty.

What makes us different?

Link4orce Solutions is an IT Consulting and Recruiting company specializing in talent acquisition and staff augmentation solutions. Our recruiting team averages over 20 years of experience in IT and has been part of the diverse cycles of technology, from mainframes to client-servers, and today in a converged visualized environment.

Our Network


The Lin4orce Solutions differentiator for recruiting is no doubt our large network of IT professionals that we have built through years of experience in the IT industry.  We work with our network of accomplished IT professionals to help distribute your needs and vet prospect candidates.  Unlike social networks, this is a selective professional network already developed by Link4orce personal over many years in the industry. This dynamic network is continuously being enriched with new IT talent sourced by Link4orce, or referred to Link4orce by existing network members.

The benefit of working with Link4orce is obvious for both employers and candidates.  Employers can secure top notch IT professionals that fit their technical needs and organizational culture. While candidates have access to satisfying career opportunities with companies Link4orce works with, and whose technical environment and culture also understands well.

Workforce Diversity

At Link4orce Solutions we strive to ensure fairness, equality and diversity in attracting and promoting top talent. We aim to develop and sustain a culture of inclusion and fairness where every employee feels valued and supported to achieve their highest potential. When diverse backgrounds and perspectives come together, innovation and new ideas thrive!

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