Looking for a talented consultant to help with a specific project?


Looking for a talented consultant to help with a specific project? We are your trusted partner. Our innovative recruiting procedures, combined with our large, constantly updated database of industry experts makes us exceptionally well-equipped to find the ideal consultant for you and the specific task at hand.

Contract to Hire

Sometimes a company needs a flexible consultant who is open to full-time employment.

Contract to Hire

Sometimes a company needs a flexible consultant who is open to a contract position that could lead to full-time employment. We identify consultants who can excel in such scenarios. A dedicated member of our recruitment team will serve as your partner and advocate throughout the entire relationship, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition for everyone involved.

Direct Hire

We get it, your employees is a company’s most important asset, they have to hire the right ones!

Direct Hire

We thoroughly understand there are many different factors that contribute to optimal full-time staffing placements. Our innovative screening, evaluation and integration practices ensure that the candidate our clients ultimately choose will fit seamlessly into their company culture and contribute to their teams’ success.

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As Information Technology evolves, many challenges have presented themselves to organizations. One of those challenges is keeping up the skillsets and finding resource time to deploy and operate the ever-increasing complex technology environments. Having a core team of employed resources that understand the foundation of your technology and augmenting that core team with subject matter experts for the functions that require immediate focus is the way that most successful companies now operate. Link4orce helps acquire those resources, be it for your core team or your augmented staff. Our recruitment team sets us apart from our competitors. We deliver better talent, faster and more economically while focusing on integrity to ensure our clients are always protected and candidates treated fairly. We cater our delivery approach and recruiting efforts to meet each client’s unique demands, ensuring that we deliver both maximum client value and a differentiated experience. An integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting client relationships, and providing staffing solutions that fuel their success.

Information Technology Talent Acquisition is a long-term, strategic process of

attracting and hiring top talent for your company. Eighty percent of executives say they are worried about the availability of employees with key skills when it comes to competing in the future, so human resources leaders now have a critical role to play in recruiting and building the workforce of the future.

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Our Talent Is Finding Yours.


These five amazing job-search statistics will help shed a little light on why the process is so difficult and give you some insight into how Link4orce Solutions can make your experience easier.



Eighty percent of jobs are not posted online


More than half of candidates are eliminated by applicant tracking systems


Seventy-three percent of companies have used social media to recruit and hire a candidate


Only about five candidates receive an interview for every hundred applicants


Referrals account for around a third of all external hires

Are you ready for a new opportunity?

Searching for a job can be one of the most frustrating, challenging things you’ll ever experience. Whether you’re looking to make a career change, you’re straight out of college, or anywhere in between, the job search brings about the same headaches for all of us. Let Link4orce Solutions help you advance your career!

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